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About me

The analyst Carl Jung believed that no one should practice as a psychotherapist until having gained some real life experience. This describes my own professional path.

After graduating with a BA in social science from Stony Brook University in New York, I pursued my childhood dream of a career in aviation. I worked as an airline pilot for ten years, and while flying is a very respectable career, another lifelong interest refused to be ignored. I was ready for a different kind of challenge, one that involved a more dynamic human exchange. I decided to pursue a career as a psychotherapist.

My personal life took me to Missoula, MT, where I applied to and was accepted by the University of Montana counseling program. After receiving my master’s degree, I worked with adolescents and their families at a private, non-profit agency called Friends to Youth. I then moved on to the public, non-profit Western Montana Community Mental Health Center where I worked with a broader range of clients. In time, I opened a private practice in Missoula, serving children, adolescents and adults.

In 2009, I launched my private practice in Portland, Oregon.

I have spent years studying the complex terrain of human experience from both within, and outside, the world of professional mental health services. By starting with the assumption that life’s challenges are important waypoints along the journey, I have learned the importance of helping my clients orient their outlook toward development and transformation. Having gone through the necessary formal training, and having directly experienced this process myself, I believe I am well-credentialed to help others along their own paths.

I am currently licensed as an LPC in the state of Oregon. My Oregon license number is: C3059.

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One of my favorite things is
Tucker the singing dog.